Chic Lounges

Add comfortable and chic lounge furniture to your event to set it apart in a fresh and innovative fashion. For both social and corporate events a lounge area provides an appealing place to mingle and a decorative location for specialty entertainment, food and drink. Secluded with coordinating drapery open and accessible, a lounge is the right choice for almost every gathering. Come and see what Total Events has to offer.

Lounge Furniture

White, Tuften Circular Lounge $425.00
White, High Back, Tufted Settee $225.00
White, High Back, Curved Lounge Package $995.00
White Leather Club Chair $95.00
White Leather Lounge Loveseat $100.00
White Leather Lounge Sofa $125.00
White Leather 4x4 Ottoman $95.00
White or Black Spandex 4x4 Ottoman $95.00
White or Black Spandex 4x8 Ottoman $150.00
Black Leather Chaise Lounge $125.00
Gold Throne Chair $350.00
Tufted Linen Dining Settee $300.00
Vintage Gold/ Red Settee $300.00
Vintage Gold/ Ivory Chaise Lounge $300.00
Vintage Gold/ Ivory Ceremony Chairs $150.00