Terms & Agreements

Payments & Pricing

Deposits of 50% are due in advance to guarantee rented items. Please review your specific contract for deposit amounts. Full payment is due 48 hours prior to delivery, unless other arrangements have been made with Total Events. Price quotations reflect one-day rentals. Clients are billed for the time the equipment is out, not it’s usage. Our office must receive any changes in your order within 10 days prior to the event. Changes after this time may be subject to additional fees. Tents rented between November and March will require an additional 75% fee for winter set up.

Booked Business

Total Events requires a signed proposal, rental agreement, credit card authorization and deposit in order to reserve your order. If a credit card is not provided, Total Events will require a check to hold until the event is completed for any incidental costs. Please be sure to get these forms completed as soon as possible to ensure that your equipment is available.

Equipment Use

All equipment is to be used for its intended purpose. Party rental tents are not to be cooked under unless specifically designated in advance. This is for your protection. If serious damage occurs, charges will apply. Chairs are designed to accommodate weights up to a maximum of 250 pounds. Weight in excess of this can result in damage to the equipment or personal injury in which case Total Events, LLC is not responsible or liable for.


Total Events is a Limited Liability Corporation. Total Events LLC is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of rented items.


Clients are responsible for all applicable permits required by City, Town and other public entities. Total Events is not responsible for gas lines, sprinklers, septic systems or other devices located on or under the ground surface. It is recommended that devices such as these be clearly marked and identified for Total Events staff. If you have any concerns about the whereabouts of gas lines, sewage or other underground entities, please call your Event Specialist to schedule a NYS Dig Safe inspection.


Total Events will set a delivery schedule, unless scheduling arrangements have been made to accommodate a client’s specific needs. The set up-schedule is made 3 days prior to the event and every customer is given a tentative delivery schedule. If a site inspection has not been made prior to delivery, the customer should be on site or leave clear directions. If no instructions are left, it will cause delays and client will be subject to additional fees for rescheduling. Our trucks must have access to within 25 feet of the delivery and installation site. If this is not possible, we must be notified in advance. Tables and chairs are delivered in neat stacks in a mutually convenient location. Clients are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs unless arranged ahead of time with Total Events.

Rental Tent Installation

We recommend the use of tent stakes to properly secure the tent for your safety and integrity of installation. Stakes can be installed in asphalt and, if requested, Total Events will patch and repair holes for a fee of $10.00 per hole if arranged in advance. Any sidewall that is hung must remain hung. Anything removed by the customer is subject to damage or cleaning charges. Client assumes all risk and shall indemnify and hold Total Events harmless for any and all damages, costs, and expenses arising out of property and/or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the customer’s use and possession of equipment. Total Events reserves the right to cancel or postpone delivery and set up of a tent in the case of inclement weather that may risk the safety of Total Events’ employees, patrons using the tent or that may cause severe damage to the tent.


Customers are responsible for leaving tables and chairs stacked neatly after event for pick-up and in an accessible location. Linen rentals should be free of food, dry and set aside for pick-up. Under no circumstances should linens be placed in plastic containers or bags. If any items are locked away or unable to be picked up, you will be charged an additional travel and rental fee.

Indemnification and Defense

Client agrees that if legal proceedings are brought against Total Events for compensation for personal injuries or property damage arising out of the event, Client will indemnify Total Events and its employees against any judgments which may be rendered against them except for judgments on claims which arise out of the negligence, gross negligence or willful acts or omissions of Total Events, its agents, servants or employees.

Damaged & Missing Items

Responsibility for all items will remain with the client from the time of receipt to the time of return. We charge for missing, broken and damaged items. Please be sure that equipment is secured and protected from the elements.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Please be advised that once you reserve an order or rental, all other orders are then turned away in order to preserve your equipment. Should you cancel your reservation, your deposit will be forfeited. Should you need to reduce the number of items rented, please submit in writing your requested changes at least 7 days prior to the event to avoid charge for original amount ordered.