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2012 Trend Report

- Thursday, February 16, 2012
2012 Trend Report
The elements that will make your event #amazing!

1. Color
Neutral palettes are out and rich, deep tones are what’s happening in the event world!  Dark red and berry tones are all over the forecast for 2012.  Romantic and elegant these colors can turn edgy and modern with a few twists.  We can’t wait to see our wedding tents lit up with these colors bursting with our LED lighting!

2. Accents
More than ever we are seeing brides dazzle us with their knack for accessorizing their space.  Charger plates, personalized table linens, custom monogram lighting projected on the walls, ceiling and dance floor.  We just love the steps people are taking to bring their wedding up to the next level.  

3. Metallic's
There will be a shine on all of our events this year, because our clients love metallic!  Gold and Silver are popping up everywhere.  Finishing an event design with a touch of shimmer helps to reflect candle light and provide a dimensional glow that is especially romantic.  Total Events has all new centerpiece options to help you achieve this look!

4.  Family Style Seating
Long, family style seating seems to be the wave of the future.  Our Emperor tables have helped our brides achieve this feeling, with the extra width to create space for a stunning centerpieces as well as family style dining options.  This type of table also helps with conversation, making guests feel closer to each other without sacrificing a gorgeous tablescape.

5.  Ceremony Décor
Never before have we set so many custom Chuppah’s, mandap’s and wedding arches!  Brides are really taking their ceremony to the next level, with seating in the round, opulent arches and beautiful drapery.  

Total Events has all of the specialty décor, custom event rental options and wedding accents you design the day of your dreams.  Visit our website at for photos and ideas!