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3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

- Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3 Dos and 3 Don’ts for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, or maybe just an alfresco cocktail hour or dinner under the canopy of stars that shine down like pinholes to the heavens a top your special day.

While an outdoor ceremony certainly has advantages and environmental views that far outshine an indoor venue, there are some things to be careful of and some things to make certain that you have on hand.

Because we’d like to end this post on a good note, let’s start with the 3 Don’ts for your outdoor wedding ceremony:

Outdoor Ceremony Don’t #1

Avoid a cloth aisle runner. No matter how calm the weatherman says the winds will be, you just never can tell. As the aisle is a focal point for many parts of the ceremony, you don’t want to risk it blowing away the wind.

Outdoor Ceremony Don’t #2

Don’t assume a public park or other public area is for the taking. You can’t show up and hold a ceremony there because it’s ‘public’. Make sure you get all the necessary permits to do so!

Outdoor Ceremony Don’t #3

Don’t assume your guests are prepared for the outdoors. Strongly consider:

  • Water (lots of it)!
  • Umbrellas for rain and/or the sun
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A tent

Outdoor Ceremony Do #1

The outdoors are no doubt gorgeous, but don’t be afraid to decorate, just as you would at any venue. We can help you decorate all aspects, even chairs if you so desire! So while you may love the natural feel of the outdoors, we can help you decorate in a natural fashion to bring out the feeling and natural decor that mother nature provides.

Outdoor Ceremony Do #2

Think about lighter colors and fabrics. Of course, the experts here at Total Events will help you, but you’ll want to select styles that reflect cooler temperatures, natural tones of the landscape, and tones that match your flower choices.

Outdoor Ceremony Do #3

Strongly consider a tent or tents that will accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Although your dream is to get married and have a reception under the natural sys and canopy of night, and you can, but being prepared not only for the weather and the comfort of your guests by having tents on the premises is one way to satisfy and keep all of your guests happy and healthy.