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3 Popuar Event Décor Trends Moving into 2015

- Monday, February 23, 2015

Each year brings a new set of trends that events, conventions, and weddings thrive on for the year. As we transition from 2014 to 2015, the following trends seem to be carrying over:

Eclectic Yet Elegant: Rustic themes and décor were big in 2014 and people seem to be carrying those themes over to 2015. The barn/farm/ranch elements such as wooden tables and wooden chandeliers mixed with metallic elements seem to be ever popular.

Glamorous Yet Formal: A vintage feel mixed with formal twists also seems to be something that people are looking for in 2015. Sequins, satins, and velvet help make this type of décor tasteful, yet a little edgy.

Nouveau Royal: Having a regal and very formal feel, mixed with pearls and mesh fabrics are also a popular favorite in 2015. Stripes and modern geometrics combined with florals make this type eclectic as well, but giving off a modern royal flair.

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