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5 Outdoor Wedding Tips That You Can Really Use

- Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chances are, if you are having an outdoor wedding, it is happening mid-summer. Because no bride or groom want their guests rained on or sitting in the heat of a New York summer, they need to take extra wedding planning steps to keep their guests comfortable. If you are unsure where to get started, speak to a wedding rental company, like us here at Total Events, and get useful suggestions to make your outdoor wedding a much talked about success.

Use a Tent

No matter if it might rain or not, you need a tent. A tent protects your guests from the weather and gives your caterer a place to keep your food unexposed to the outside elements. Create a seating area inside your tent – chairs and tables included. An enclosed tent is best, that way you can keep the interior cool and also keep the bugs out.

Have Plenty of Fresh, Cold Water On-Site

Fresh, cool water is always welcomed by wedding guests. Before you spend a bundle on the open bar, make sure the caterer supplies enough water for multiple cups per person.

Take Care of the Bugs Before They Take Care of Guests

Bugs are called pests for a reason. They won’t be invited to the party, but will show up anyway. Use tiki torches or bug candles to keep them away. Make sure the caterer has the food covered to prevent attracting bugs and also keep them out of the food.

Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

Fans or an air conditioning unit inside your tent will help keep your guests cool regardless of how hot it is outside. To help cool them off even further, serve a cold dessert or a cold menu instead of solely hot food.

Perhaps Skip the Fancy Dress Requirement

There is no need for formal wear, especially if your guests will be outside. Multiple layers and elegant clothes might look nice, but can be uncomfortable in the summer. Consider keeping the wedding attire casual or black tie optional so that your guests can be more comfortable…and happy.

Reserve a Tent from a Wedding Rental Company

Before making the invitations or even picking the food, book your tent rental with a wedding rental company. Tents go fast in the summer, so you will want to make sure you have one booked for your event. Total Events Management is the leading wedding planning company in Upstate New York.

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