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5 Party Planning and Party Décor Trends

- Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Party planning is just like fashion…and the trends come and go. Just like last season’s skirts, some party décor ideas have been tossed aside to make way for newer, more exciting trends. From serving up comfort foods to enjoying all that the local Capital Region scene has to offer, you will have plenty to choose from for your next party. Of course, start the planning process early so you can reserve those party rentals and buy everything you need in time for the memorable festivities.

Comfort Foods Are Getting a New Look

Comfort foods are the new trend in party food these days. Think of Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes, but kicked up gourmet style or warm, cheesy macaroni classed up with exotic mushrooms and quail.

Party Games Are Back

Instead of doing the stuffy cocktail party and relying on casual chat, more party hosts are bringing back the games to keep everyone entertained. There are no rules as to what party games can be used. If you want to be a little retro, host a family board game night using the classics — Monopoly, Checkers, etc. — and use them for inspiration for your party décor too.

Local is Best

Local foods are popular not only in restaurants, but parties too. Homegrown produce, cheeses, and even wines can really shine at your next party. It is not only your way to support the community, but makes the planning easier when everything you need is in your hometown.

Fun and Bright Themes

Bright colors are back for party décor. From neon green to vibrant oranges and luscious pinks, it is all about adding splashes of color to your party palette. Do not be shy about patterns or prints either — even floral print is making a comeback in party décor.

Outdoor Celebrations and Party Rentals

Instead of renting a venue, more party hosts are turning to party rentals for tents and hosting their events outside. There is more space, no worry about noise, and you are not limited as to how many guests you can invite.

Whether you are hosting a bachelorette party, birthday party or planning a family reunion, you will want to start working with a local party rental company to bring your event together. From tents and tables to party décor, Total Events Management can help you pull off a trendy, fun party.

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