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Albany’s Convention Center Set to Open Spring 2017

- Thursday, June 18, 2015


The Albany Capital Center will feature 82,000 square feet of exhibit and event space. As a multi-purpose space, it offers exceptional access and a place for the country’s best conventions to call it home. While the center does not open for a few more years, its announcement highlights the importance of convention set-up.

The Importance of Trade Shows

Trade shows are critical for small and large businesses. They allow you to promote your products or services to hundreds of potential new customers, forge new business contacts and develop strategic partnerships. There is no other opportunity for a business owner like it. While it does require an upfront investment, the ROI on a convention is worth it, as long as you go about it right.

How to Exhibit at a Trade Show Effectively

To get the most business leads and contacts, your convention set-up is key. Trade shows are not cheap; in fact, participating in one is a fairly expensive marketing investment. Once you have selected a trade show, you need to make your experience a success by:

  • Deciding Your Goal for the Show - Every business comes to a trade show with a goal in mind; whether that is to collect names and addresses for a mailing list, meet potential vendors or promote a new product. By defining your trade show goal, you can better setup your display.
  • Visit Other Trade Shows First - There are dozens of trade shows hosted each year. Attend one, without participating, to get an idea of how similar businesses setup their displays and market their products.
  • Prepare Your Display and Materials - You have a goal in mind; now is the time to setup your display to meet that goal. If you are promoting a new product, that should be the highlight of your display, you should have marketing materials strictly for that product, examples of it and even a demonstration (if possible). If you are trying to grow your mailing list, highlighting some of your best products/services and giving customers a reason to visit your booth and signup is important.

To maximize your ROI, consider hiring professional trade show services. The team at Total Events can help you set up a convention display and booth that attracts the hundreds of potential leads at the convention. From visual displays to signs to draping and decorative services, we help businesses get noticed.

Learn more about our trade show services or book yours today. Contact us today  at 1-877-789-EVENTS, or visit our website and fill out a form for a free quote.