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And The Winner Is...

- Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being acknowledged by the U.S. Small Business Administration

From kindergarten on, we attend ceremonies honoring our achievements. Sometimes these acknowledgements are purely ceremonial and others are quite substantial in meaning. Total Events was recently awarded the 2011 Small Business Excellence award, a title which recognizes determination, hard work and savvy business models. Small business creates about 70% of new jobs and is the driving force behind local growth. It was our distinct honor to be given this tremendous tribute.

Seated inside a gorgeous ballroom at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, NY the awards luncheon kicked off. Vice President, Melissa Carrier took the stage and accepted the Excellence Award among fellow business owners, local officials and a ballroom packed with association members. Among the many thanks she graciously extended to employees and clients alike, she neglected to acknowledge the very biggest of thanks; one that should in no uncertain terms go to herself and her husband; Rich Carrier. Total Events started as a small idea located in the basement office of their home and sprouted into a business that handles several hundred events yearly. There is no lack of perseverance when it comes to growing a small business into an area staple and the Carrier’s have proved just how much they’ve got.

From modest beginnings inside the vast kitchens of Las Vegas hotels, Rich worked on a degree in hospitality at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. He built a reputation in American’s playground managing the banquet staff of the Las Vegas Hilton and Rio Hotel. At the same time, Melissa was traveling coast to coast in a sales position with a national computer brand. Eventually returning to the Upstate New York area during the late 1990’s in an effort to be closer to family, the dream team of Event and Design (Rich) combined with Sales and Marketing (Melissa) and Total Events was born. There were a great deal of growing pains along the way, but the unshakable need to succeed pushed them through into new avenues of business and larger markets.

Today, more than 11 years after the conception of Total Events, we continue to grow at a steady pace. What was one an operation based out of a basement and tractor trailer has blossomed into a sprawling 24,000 square foot warehouse with more than thirty employees and a reputation for superiority. A business who once rented small décor items, tables and chairs is now a full service Event décor and rental company servicing weddings, conventions, trade shows and social events throughout the northeast. We’ve ridden the wave of economic uncertainty, inflated fuel prices and declines in area employment and diversified our business model to accommodate the need for industry change. Total Events has grown and adapted to the ambiguity that surrounds us all, which has strengthened our ties to the community, our commitment to customer service and insistence on quality.

Congratulations to Rich and Melissa for more than a decade of ambition and fortitude!