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Baby It's Cold Outside - Inspiration for winter weddings

- Thursday, August 09, 2012

Okay, so maybe it’s not cold outside…yet.  Winter weddings can pose a set of unique dilemmas that prevent many brides from selecting a wedding date in the chilly months.  Navigating the holiday and the potentially crummy weather makes setting a winter date more difficult.  The brave brides who do choose a winter date are often rewarded with gorgeous photos, discounted prices and fabulous décor options.

Spring, summer and fall brides tend to be the real gamblers.  It seems like everyone wants a perfect day, and outdoor ceremony and ideal landscape.  Our winter brides don’t worry about any of this, because they know everything will happen inside and so a swing in temperature or a smattering of precipitation doesn’t throw their plans off.  A winter bride already has her indoor ceremony planned to perfection.  A beautiful winter evening makes the perfect backdrop for a candle lit ceremony in front of a roaring fire.  

It’s a colossal misconception that the winter bride has limited color choices.  Yes, the predictable choices would be winter whites and in some cases a more holiday inspired palette with red and green.  We are seeing the winter weddings take a whole new spin in the color department.  Silver, slate blue and brown seem to be leading the pack this season.  Lending to the natural wood elements of a barn, the silver and slate blue contract nicely with a warm wood tone and give a contemporary but earthy balance.  Grey and Blush are also a hit this season.  The soft, feminine pink palette set off with a masculine and neutral grey make a snowy backdrop stunning.  Our edgier brides have set it off with a ruby red and aqua scheme.  Depending on the boldness of the shades, the wedding can be high octane or mildly vintage.

Who doesn’t love some comfort food?  Winter is the best time of year to indulge in those favorite yummy goodies like White hot chocolate, mulled cider, mini pot pies, mini grilled cheese bites with a tomato soup shooter and on and on the list can go.  Greeting your guests with something that gives them the warm and fuzzies is sure to set the tone for a memorable evening.

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