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Barn Weddings

- Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Barn Weddings, the latest trend

For many recently married couples, the most desired wedding venue has been none other than a rustic old barn.These barn weddings have aided in the shift from traditional weddings with formal china and glassware to more informal gatherings with mason jars and a casual fare.For those who own barns it can be an expensive fix up but it is proving to be well worth the money as they have been growing in demand for weddings.


The rustic theme has exploded in the wedding world over the past few years, with a big thanks to Pinterest for leading the charge. Mason jars, lanterns, burlap and other nature inspired décor are now more popular than ever, and these decorations don’t exactly fit in with your typical banquet room wedding reception. Barns allow couples to keep the ceremony and reception in one location if they wish to cut the church out of the picture, which seems be another trend among young couples.Barns usually have many places to put decorations and decorating such a large empty space can be challenging.

Along with rustic, the vintage theme is popular as well.Old barns are vintage themselves and allow couples to bring in and use old family heirlooms and decorations as they please.The natural look of the barn and the outdoors falls right into place with the natural color schemes that usually accompany a vintage wedding theme.

Barns allow couples to maximize or minimize their décor.Couples can go as elaborate as they would like with flowers and different types or celling or table pieces as well as their outdoor decorations.Some choose to let the ambiance of an old barn and the outdoors speak for its self while others bring in elaborate center pieces and other large decorations.

Whichever theme a bride chooses for her wedding, these rustic barns have proven to be a hit when it comes to customizing your own wedding to exactly what you want. At Total Events, we have a large selections of farm tables to use for a wedding theme such as this, as well as a large selection of lace linens, antique china, decorative wine barrels and vintage barn chairs to complete that rustic look.