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Bring on the Beauty: Bling Centerpieces

- Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bling Centerpieces

We love Pinterest! A lot of our brides and grooms come to us with ideas they got from the social networking website and what we see a lot of lately is glitz and bling. And that fits perfectly with a lot of the trends for 2016. We find many brides are trying to recreate royal-type weddings or weddings that have a lot of style — and our bling centerpieces are no exception!

About Centerpieces: Yes! You Should Have Them

Some brides choose very minimal decor and that’s a matter of choice. But let’s look at some top reasons why centerpieces are important:

  • Guests spend a lot of time at tables and a centerpiece is welcoming and acts as a way to include every table in the overall reception.
  • Centerpieces with varying heights enhance the overall look of your reception while adding interest.
  • With the right centerpieces, you can spark conversations between guests who might not otherwise know each other — adding to the wonderful time you hope they have at your event.

Bring on the Beauty: Bling Centerpieces

From light reflecting crystals to dreams of flowing diamonds, bling centerpieces add an aura of dreamy wedding events that make an impression on your guests. Not to mention, they look spectacular in your wedding photos.

These sparkling wedding accents behave more like a foundation for a beautiful celebration and less like a second-thought. Your guests will know you are happy and excited to have them help celebrate your day by giving them a spot to call ‘their own’ — and they’ll be happy to do it with these centerpieces. Plus, in many respects, they’re timeless, so years from now, perhaps on an anniversary, you’ll look back at your special day and in looking at pictures, you won’t notice anything trendy — rather, you’ll see that they stand the test of time and make your memories that more special.

Want some examples?