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- Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 1, 2, 3’s of planning a cost effective Event.

Everyone has a budget, even Donald Trump. Regardless of how much money you have to spend on a special occasion, there is a limit for us all. Most people find themselves struggling with what they want and what they can pay for. The battle between what we can afford and what we have envisioned is many times a tough pill to swallow and sticker shock is something that most people can relate to in the planning process.

Tip #1: Book during the off-season
For Upstate New York, the event season slows down significantly between November through February. During these months, vendors are more flexible with pricing and in many cases will offer cost saving promotions. Avoiding the summer months and early fall may be less than ideal, but you will be glad you did when you reflect on the savings. If you do choose this time of year, Friday’s and Sunday’s can often be a negotiation for savings. Stay away from (most) Holiday weekends as well. Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July are all incredibly busy dates. Ironically, Easter weekend and Thanksgiving weekend are generally fairly quiet and may offer you some flexability on price.

Tip #2: Go to the source
While sometimes it may be tempting to let others secure items or services for you, you might be spending un-necessary money. When a vendor secures a service for you through another company, they often inflate the cost of it to cover their time.

Tip #3: Book in advance
Waiting until the last minute to sign on the dotted line is a dangerous game that I don’t advise anyone to play. While some may think that they can secure a reduced rate for the service if it is still available, you are taking a huge risk which is not worth the reward. In many cases, booking early may entitle you to added discounts. At the very least, you will be better able to access your budget once you have everything set in stone with signatures and deposits.

While compromise is something that many of us avoid like plague, it is often a necessary beast in the war against overspending. In the end, following these three simple steps will help you to better afford the Event you have been tirelessly planning for so long. Getting things out of the way early will certainly help you gain some peace of mind and lift much of the pressure off of your plate that tends to appear as the Event draws closer.