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Color Your World: 6 Colors and What They Signify

- Friday, July 18, 2014
Color can be transformative, and is a great way to evoke a certain mood when creating a party or event setting. With all the colors of the rainbow – and many in between – to choose from, we can help you select colors that will soothe, excite, energize or even make everyone feel happy just being there. 

Here are 6 colors and their effects on moods: 

1)  Yellow is considered to be a happy hue. If you’re looking to create a cheerful setting, choose tones of yellow, from bright sunshine to a more muted lemon. 

2)  Blue doesn’t always make people feel sad and “blue,” but instead, is a calming color that balances a setting and creates a feeling of comfort. 

3)  Red is known as the color of excitement. If you’re planning an upbeat event with lots of music, and want to keep people on their feet on the dance floor, choose berry red to energize. 

4)  Purple in deeper tones signals sophistication, wealth and royalty, while light purples and lavender are inviting colors people appreciate. 

5)  Pink is the color of love, linked with romance and a sense of seduction. Pink will draw guests into your setting. 

6)  Green signals nature and the natural world. Set a green color scheme to soothe guests and make them want to linger. 

Patterns from paisley to zebra also send out a vibe guests will pick up on, so think about their effects when choosing linens and chair coverings. 

At Total Events Management, we’re experts on harnessing the power of color to make your event memorable!