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Convention Themes and Ideas

- Thursday, June 20, 2013
Themes are becoming increasingly popular when planning conventions. They are a fun way to add a dynamic element, visual interest and creativity. Even more, the theme helps to unify the show and provide a larger overall concept for people to relate back to.  When all of the speakers, exhibitors and marketing material reflect the same cohesive idea, a larger impression is made.  Total Events can help you with all of your trade show design needs and unique décor.

Recently, Total Events helped the Empire State Society of Association Executives with their annual Expo and Convention at the Saratoga Springs City Center. For this year’s show, they selected a Super Hero concept.  This theme provided a fun outlet for vendors and guests alike. Vendors dressed in costume, the food and refreshments were inspired by the décor and each booth seemed to have a different spin on the genre.  The theme was the perfect approach to creating an exciting and interactive environment that was unlike other trade show of its kind.
Currently, some of the most popular convention themes consist of: 
1. Sports Games/Sports Teams
2. Beach/Cruise/Topical Island
3. LasVegas/Nightlife/Gaming
4. Hollywood/Movies/Red Carpet
5. Nature/Go Green/Great Outdoors

While each of these themes are very different, they all have the capability of making a convention memorable and distinctive. By being highly relateable, your attendees and guest will feel immediately at home and will be entertained immediately as they navigate the show floor.  With the right décor and layout, these ideas are extremely attainable and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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