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Take your Coat Off and Stay a While—Corporate Events can be Great Social Networking Opportunities

- Friday, January 17, 2014
Most corporate events end up being dull and boring. Invitees are forced to mingle with people they would not usually socialize with. With corporate event rentals and some creative ideas, your event can, however, be a great opportunity for social networking. And you can avoid making it a boring affair!

Traditionally, corporate events lacked creativity and were considered a nuisance to organize. Today, this task is much easier with the help of corporate event rentals. Whether you are organizing formal events like conferences, seminars and trade shows or informal events such as holiday parties, galas and retreats, corporate event rentals can make the experience stress-free.

Enable Networking and Interactive Fun—Use Corporate Event Rentals

While most corporate event rentals offer a range of ideas, décor and themes to choose from, the success of corporate events ultimately depends on the hosts. How well do you know your event attendees? Think about your invitees and what they will enjoy most. What is the profile of the majority of your guests? How can you bring them together in a fun, exciting way?

Below are some ideas from the experts at Total Events Management:

• Choose an engaging theme that will appeal to most of your invitees. Décor, food, lighting, displays, etc. can all be planned to match the theme.

• Plan some interactive games, entertainment, ice-breakers, etc. to create a fun, relaxed environment.

• Whether it is a formal or semi-formal event, ensure good branding. Even with a limited budget, you can have branded serviettes, table pieces, posters and decorations that promote your company.

• Don’t spend money on making display equipment if you can rent it instead. Corporate event rental services can provide displays, pop-up banners, signage, flags, podiums, gazebos, and more.

• Select appropriate music suited to the profile of your guests and the theme of the event.

• Great food is critical! People always remember a corporate event where the food was unique, special and delicious.

• Limit the speeches. It is necessary to communicate acknowledgements and thanks, but limit these to brief speeches by the individuals who are among the most important ones within your host party.

• Memorable souvenirs/mementos are good reminders of a successful corporate event.

The friendly, professional staff at Total Events Management can assist you with corporate event rentals and unique ideas for your corporate events.

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