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Customized Events Details Regain Strength In Tough Economy

- Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Down Economy Spurs Creative Thought and Custom Design.

The event industry has taken a serious hit over the past few years. With the suffering economy, there has been a major decline in the quantity of social functions and certainly the amount spent on those that did survive. However the Capital Region has remained strong and steadfast during this economic uncertainty and in some ways has breathed new life into the industry.

While corporate functions have slowed down, social events like weddings have remained the bread and butter for most of the Event and Hospitality industry.  Brides are immersed with setting their day apart from the rest.  The era of customization is upon us. The days of selecting your wedding package from package A, B or C are officially over. The wedding industry is seeing an influx of clients who want custom monograms, intelligent lighting systems, upgraded linens and chairs as well as signature cocktails and off the menu entrée elections. Clients no longer want what everyone is offered; they want to create their own options. Likening someone’s wedding day to anything less than a celebrity is an offense punishable by death in most bridal circles.

Tent weddings have seen a strong resurgence during the 2010 peak wedding season. Celebrity brides like Chelsea Clinton even chose to customize their day from the literal ground up. The addition of high end restroom trailers, air condition units, flooring and generators have made these types of events more common than many would expect. Total Events in Schenectady, NY specializes in creating this type of custom event. With their ability to service literally every aspect of the event and décor rentals, clients have come to rely on their expertise as well as the convenience that this type of company offers. In few places can you secure your wedding venue, silverware, table linen, centerpieces, lighting and restroom facilities from one just business.

The next time you are at a wedding, take a good look around to soak in your atmosphere. Pay close attention to the details, which have undoubtedly been carefully selected and orchestrated to impress you. Today it is not as much about how much you spend; it is about how you spend it. While the brides of yesterday were happy to dine at tables adorned in the facilities White table linen and uncovered banquet chairs, today’s bride covets a Mocha bengaline underlay accented by a Caramel rosette dimensional runner set off by a room filled with Fruitwood Chiavari Ballroom chairs. Companies like Total Events have expanded their inventory to accommodate the growth of event design as well as to keep their skill set apart from the rest of the areas. The bottom line comes down more to style than money today.