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Wedding Decor 2016: Dazzle Them With Sequin Linens

- Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dazzle Them with Sequin Linens

Don’t worry about being “trendy” when it comes to sequin linens. Why? Because sequins transcend time and are always classy and inviting. While some brides and grooms choose to go traditional and avoid trends, know that sequins, though a big and bold trend for weddings today, are still considered timeless.

This wedding season is buzzing about the unique look and gorgeous atmosphere that sequin linens bring to the table.

Just like you and your guests like to focus on dressing up for the glitz of a stellar wedding, sequin linens bring a unique and memorable feel and atmosphere to be talked about for years to come. And when we mix and match sequins with other styles, fabrics, decor, and more, your individuality truly shines.

The time to shine is now and it has never been easier to add some sparkle to your event. Total Events new line of sequin linen is the perfect addition of glamour to any table setting. With amazing versatility these linens compliment any decor motif from vintage to rustic, modern to romantic.

Currently available in Blush, Peach, Silver, Gold, Black and White!