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DIY Weddings

- Monday, June 01, 2015


Saving money by adding DIY wedding touches

It’s no secret weddings can be expensive and sticking to a budget can be hard when trying to include everything you’ve ever dreamed of in one day.Choosing where you should save money can be hard; consider adding some DIY touches to help you stay within your budget.

Certainly some DIY projects are smarter than others for your wedding.Things like food, photos, and larger décor items are better off being left to the professionals to ensure they come out perfect.These items add last minute stress that no bride wants on her wedding day.So be sure to pick DIY projects you can do ahead of time.

Memory Tables

Adding a touch of nostalgia to your wedding could bring back a flood of memories for your guests. See if your venue will let you set up a table, or if they have a table, that you can use to put different pictures on. This is a nice touch, and something that you won’t have to sacrifice part of your budget for. Make sure to include lots of pictures of both sides of your families so that everyone can take a walk down memory lane.

Make your cake table pop!

Your wedding cake is going to be on display for everyone to see. You’ve already gone through the effort of getting the perfect cake for your wedding, not why not add some personal touches the table it’s being displayed on? This could include making your own stand, to adding a nice backdrop or banner with your own special message on it. Plus the additions of decorative items on the table could be nice accent pieces for your cake display.

Make your own wedding program

Creating a large wedding program on something like a blackboard, mirror or old window will cut down on paper programs and give guests one less thing to hang onto.Guests don’t usually know what to do with a program after the ceremony anyway, have your program board at the entrance where everyone can see it when they walk in.


Things like bows for the end of church pews, wedding favors and table numbers are easy DIY projects to consider.Unique cake toppers have also proven to be an area where you can get creative and make your own.Visit our Pinterest page for lots of wedding inspiration.

Most importantly, make smart decisions on what can be done at home.While saving some money and giving your wedding a personal touch may sound ideal, you want to be careful not to take on too many projects before the big day.At Total Events we collaborate with each of our couples to meet all their needs and take away as much of their wedding day stress as possible.