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Don’t Forget the Party - How to build extra fun into your show

- Tuesday, November 27, 2012
People call it a mixer, others a networking event and some even dare refer to it as a reception but no matter what you name it, it’s a party.  Parties are fun, an occasion to look forward to and a great way to socialize.  Why wouldn't you want to include one after your conference or trade show?

We’ve all seen it.  As the clock starts to click towards “closing time” at the show, vendors begin closing up shop.  As the show floor beings to clear we can’t help but wonder if it’s the chicken or the egg principal… did the exhibitors back up because the traffic is gone, or is the traffic gone because the exhibitors backed up (the jury is still out on this one folks).  I have just the remedy to cure these woes, and that is what Total Events does better than anyone else, PARTY.

Creating an after show reception/mixer/event is a great way to ensure that your exhibitors stick around.  It gives people the opportunity to mingle and chat about the business they may be able to do with or bring to each other.  Get crazy, even invite show goers to stay and vote on best booth, most compelling sales person, top product and more.  

Worried about the cost of hosting this party?  Don’t be!  Exhibitors will often sponsor the after party in exchange for having their company promoted.  Offer signature drinks named after sponsors, or give away goodie bags with the sponsor products inside.  There are a million ways to sneak in some marketing for your after party sponsors and you should be taking advantage of every one of them!

The next trade show you attend, push for an after reception.  Total Events has the theme décor and rentals to make your finish with a powerful bang that attendees will not forget!