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Eco-Friendly Weddings

- Monday, June 08, 2015


Planning an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dreams to avoid leaving a footprint. Simple, environmentally conscious decisions can make a difference without impacting your wedding day.

Location is Key

Choose an eco-friendly location that not only recycles but also uses energy efficient appliances and biodegradable products. Reduce fuel emissions by choosing a location within close proximity so a majority of guests won’t have to travel. Selecting the same venue for both your ceremony and reception will also reduce the amount of travel for guests. The ultimate environmentally friendly wedding is one that is held outdoors. Selecting a farm, meadow or garden will help cut down on electricity, water and other environmentally irresponsible products.

Invitations and Flowers

Using evites and creating a wedding website is an environmentally friendly way couples have been reducing their use of paper. If you do not want to go paperless, select invitations that use recycled paper. When selecting flowers, research locally and organically grown flowers that are in season. Many out of season flowers will have to be shipped, increasing fuel emissions. An alternative to flowers for your centerpieces are potted plants which can be replanted by you or your guests.


Although wedding favors are a nice gesture for your guests to enjoy, many are not environmentally friendly. Eliminate favors altogether and consider donating the money to a local charity. If you have your heart set on favors, purchase something edible from a local farm or orchard or provide seed packets that guests can grow themselves.

Wedding Dress

The age old tradition of wearing your mothers wedding dress is a great way to be eco-friendly. If the dress is not your style, work with a seamstress to customize it for you. You can also consider looking for your wedding dress at a consignment shop or research charities that may host events such as “Brides against Breast Cancer.” If a brand new wedding dress is the only option, look for one that is made of organic fabric.


Vegan may not be the meal of choice for your guests and organic may not be in your budget so consider serving locally grown food direct from growers. This will not only cut down on transportation and electricity from refrigeration but also packaging materials. For dessert, consider bakeries that use locally grown eggs and milk. For drinks, find micro-breweries in your area that use local products as well.

Green weddings are becoming increasingly popular and by making a few eco-friendly choices you are contributing to a healthier environment.