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Event Décor Trends To Make Your Events Pop

- Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Year after year, events, conventions, and large business meetings work to better engage guests and quite frankly, ‘wow’ them. So what’s trending in event décor? Pulling some ideas from, we have a list of 5 décor trends that you can use for your events in 2015:

Bright & Colorful. The way people feel and the overall atmosphere of an event can be heavily influenced by color. Brighter colors can bring more energy but you don’t have to overstate the color. Simply incorporate bright colors into your accents.

Patterns & Textures. Injecting ‘personality’ into an event can be achieved through patterned linens. Adding flair through texture and patterns, is a way to take a ho-hum atmosphere and turn it into a memorable event.

Plants & Flowers. Ever wonder why fresh flowers and/or fresh fruit is nearest to the entrance of a super market? They enhance the feeling of freshness in the store. The same effect can be achieved by strategically placing flowers and plants in your event space – let your guests feel like the room is fresh and vibrant.

Lighting. Too bright and people feel uncomfortable. Too dim and people have to strain to see. Using the right lighting and striking a healthy balance is a way to make people feel comfortable. Plus, with some of the technology available, some programmable lighting can be made to match your brand’s colors, while illuminating the way to engagement.

We have a host of other ideas for your next event, so why not give us a call and consult with us. Be sure to see our galleries and contact us today!