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Bring in the Season with Fall Wedding Accessories

- Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall is by far the perfect time of year to get married. The temperatures are cooler, vendors have more flexibility, and the season itself offers numerous decoration opportunities. If you are planning a fall wedding, embrace the season and incorporate as much of the rich colors and warmth fall has to offer.

Fall Wedding Ideas to Get You Started

Fall weddings can be elegant, sophisticated or even rustic. It is the most versatile wedding season and can also be a lot more affordable than a summer event if you incorporate natural fall treasures into your décor. To help you get started, here are a few wedding ideas for the season:

  • Favors - Wedding favors are items that many couples struggle with, but it does not have to be an overwhelming decision for you. For fall weddings, use the season to inspire your favors. For example, give out edible treats that are reflective of the season, like spicy ginger cookies or pumpkin spice malt balls. Cranberry or pumpkin tea mixes or fall-scented candles are a great idea too.
  • Menu - Your menu should be indicative of the fall season. Think of the foods that satisfy your senses and your palate in the fall, like turkey, potatoes, apple cider, warm and fresh berry or apple pies, pumpkin ravioli, etc. Even if your family is not cooking it up, ask your caterer to help you incorporate fall dishes into the menu.
  • Flowers - Fall has its share of breathtaking flower arrangements, including dahlias, privet berries, crab apple, dried pears, small pumpkins, poppies, succulents, and more. For a romantic look, hydrangeas, passion vines and roses are the perfect combination.
  • Décor - No fall wedding is complete without fall décor. From tablecloths to napkins to using the right combination of drapery and fall-like accessories, how you decorate your venue will determine a lot about your fall theme.
  • Tents - The temperatures in the fall are cooler, but not unbearable. You can still enjoy an outdoor event with a fall wedding. Tent weddings in Saratoga, NY are becoming increasingly popular because they give guests a temperature controlled area to escape to, but still allow the bride and groom to enjoy an outdoor nuptial party, complete with natural props.

Total Events offers a variety of fall-inspired décor, table accessories and more to help you complete your seasonal wedding. If you want to take advantage of the weather, let our team help you pick out the perfect tent to accommodate your guests. As a full-service provider, Total Events is the only vendor you will need for all of your table settings, décor, tents, lighting, accessories, etc.

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