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Got an Upcoming Event? Consider Hosting a Casino Party

- Monday, June 29, 2015

Everybody loves a party, but instead of doing the “been-there-done-that” party scheme, consider a casino party instead. A casino party in Albany is exciting, fun and can even help break the ice. Whether you are hosting a party for friends or a charity event, you may be surprised at the power of a night playing blackjack or putting down money on roulette.

Tips for Pulling Off a One-of-a-Kind Casino Party

Bring the thrills of Las Vegas to your party guests regardless of where you live in New York. Hosting a casino party can be a lot of fun, as long as you take the time to plan it out just right. To ensure you capture all of the glitz and glamour and excitement of Vegas, follow these tips:

  • Hire Professionals – Having experienced dealers is key to hosting a successful casino night. You need someone that understands the game, can make it exciting, and give your guests the feeling they are really in Las Vegas gambling their riches.
  • Rent Professional Equipment – Setting up a homemade poker table will not do it for a true casino night. Instead, you need to rent professional equipment, including blackjack tables, a roulette wheel setup and even a craps table. By having the real equipment on-site, you make it that much more authentic and memorable for your guests.
  • Create a Theme – Casino nights can come with a lot of fun themes. Think of all of the casinos in Las Vegas – each has their own unique selling point. Such as Caesar’s Palace, where you get a taste of ancient Rome. Create a theme for your casino night, such as Old New York or even the 50’s to give it a little more pizazz.
  • Consider Raising Funds – Give your guests a reason to gamble and let them work towards something that makes them feel good. Use the proceeds from your casino night in Saratoga to give to charity – that way everyone leaves your party feeling great.

Whether you want an intimate casino night in Albany or you are looking for something on a grander scale, contact the professionals at Total Events today. We offer casino packages that come complete with dealers, equipment and party favors. Our Casino parties don’t use real money, but they are REAL FUN!

Book your customized casino night today.  Contact us today at 1-877-789-EVENTS, or visit our website for more information and a free quote.