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Holiday Party Ideas That Will Jingle Your Bell Without Breaking Your Bank.

- Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Every year at this time we find ourselves starting at one Holiday party invitation after another. Between end of the year deadlines, shopping for gifts, inclement weather and the rest of the details that keep our days filled to the brim it becomes difficult to commit to every bash. To ensure attendance to your upcoming occasion, punch up the volume a bit with some key elements that will make any gathering a success.

Problem: You’re guests are in desperate need of some relaxation.
Solution: Create a Lounge!

Rather than a traditional sit down dinner or a cocktail party with limited seating, rent some lounge furniture. Your guests will appreciate that they are encouraged to sit back and unwind in a stylish atmosphere. Often sit down dinners can feel a bit stuffy and are a lot of work for the hosts; a lounge style cocktail party eliminates both dilemmas. A well designed buffet featuring finger foods and smaller portioned items will keep guests full and appeal to even the pickiest eater. The hosts can feel free to join in on the party rather than slaving away in the kitchen all night.

Problem: My space is too small.
Solution: Turn your ordinary garage, basement or sunroom into the place to be!

Pipe and drape can turn any space into something spectacular! With a large selection of specialty drape in a variety of colors and heights, Total Events can customize any room into a chic space ready for a crowd. Need to cover up a ceiling? That’s no problem either. Fabric swags can be hung from almost any ceiling to soften the appearance of an unattractive ceiling. A complete room drapery can be polished off with uplighting to make the space seem rich, inviting and finished.

Problem: The plastic table toppers and paper confetti centerpieces are not going to cut it this year.
Solution: Rent something fabulous!

A local rental company like Total Events is virtually a one stop shop for this kind of dilemma. From upscale linen selections, custom arranged centerpieces, decorative candle votives, inexpensive charger plates and elegant china we can fix any ordinary table setting into something really special. If the metal folding chairs you store in the garage have seen their better days, rent yourself some Chiavari’s to add that extra bit of style to the room. Keep in mind that upgrading these items is relatively inexpensive when you consider what it would cost to purchase all of the bits and pieces, especially when they may only be used once a year at most. Renting is the way to secure exactly what you want at a fair price!

Problem: Guests leave early because they’re bored.
Solution: Let us entertain you!

Sometimes sitting around your living room can get a little dull which is why mixing it up become so important. Encouraging guests to interact together, especially when the crowd is a group of people who may not necessarily know each other is key to a good time. With the addition of Casino gaming you can transform the theme, feel and energy of your party with one simple call to Total Events. We bring the tables, gaming chips, cards and dealers. Adding some unique elements to your event will ensure people will be talking about your party until next year!

Don’t get lumped into the category of “boring house party” that we see so many of this time of year. Spicing things up has never been easier and more affordable. No matter what your budget it, there is a way to pump up the volume of your next gathering!