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How Soon Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

- Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You've just gotten engaged! Congratulations! Now comes all the typical questions from everyone in your family. Usually one minute after it happens some asks you if you’ve set the date. While they might seem crazy, getting things going isn’t a bad thing. Venues, photographers, DJs and bands can be booked up way far in advance.

Ultimately you have a date in mind already but you can’t fully nail it down until you select a venue. So if you have a particular date in mind it would be a good idea to start making plans to look at locations that you like for your wedding. Once you nail down a location, it’ll be easy for you to plan the rest.

The Knot recommends that the first thing you do once your engaged is to give yourself a timetable to keep yourself on a schedule. Getting off track or distracted by other things could lead you down a path that includes last minute decisions and some of those decisions might not be ones that you want to leave until the last minute.

Lock down that venue and then move onto your next step, which will be finding a DJ and photographer. While some would like to spend more time picking out flowers, tablecloths and napkins it’s important to book the major players in your wedding. It would also be beneficial to look into who will be officiating the wedding at this time as these folks can also be booked well in advance.

At the end of the day there is no definitive answer on how long you should wait after you officially get engaged to start the planning process but most would tell you “the sooner the better.” There’s no harm in being too prepared especially for such a big occasion.

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