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How to Create a Trade Show that Exhibitors Will Fight to Be In

- Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trade shows are only as successful as the exhibitors that participate in them. Whether you are organizing your first trade show or hundredth, you want an event that vendors are fighting to attend. Not only will it increase revenue for your event, but also ensure that people come back to it year after year.

Tips for Creating a Successful Trade Show

Most vendors scout a trade show the year or at least a few months prior to registering as an exhibitor. So, you have to not only be there to impress trade show participants and attendees, but potential vendors for next year’s event too. To do that, you need to play to a potential participant’s interests by:

  • Ensuring the Caliber of Booths and Exhibits Matches Your Event - You can tell a lot from an event based on how booths are arranged and displayed. While you cannot control each vendor’s display, you can have some rules for how vendor booths must appear; such as drapery to cover pipes, tables and tablecloths required, etc. Do not let empty booths sit. If you have a vendor that backed out at the last minute or booths that did not fill, try to rearrange or fill the empty space with something. An empty vendor booth only tells potential vendors and attendees that your event did not reach maximum potential.
  • Pleasing Your Current Vendors - Nothing turns potential vendors and attendees away more than exhibitors that seem less-than-excited to be at the event. Make sure your exhibitors are enthusiastic and getting the most out of their investment. If there are any disputes with exhibitors, resolve them as soon as possible.
  • Offer Amenities - A first class exhibit will have amenities for their vendors and attendees. Arrangements such as refreshments, a guest lounge, guest services, food, and even décor assistance are all attractive amenities.
  • Hire a Professional Trade Show Service - Setting up a convention requires pre-planning and expert attention to detail. By hiring a professional for your convention set-up, you can ensure the layout is aesthetically pleasing, vendors have plenty of space to work with, and you can even offer them professional setup for their own booth, which is an attractive feature for busy vendors.

Make your trade show the one exhibitors fight to get into. Total Events offers convention setup services for organizers and vendors alike. From pipe and draping to computerized design layouts, we help our clients create first-class trade show events.

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