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How to Spot a Good Trade Show

- Thursday, June 28, 2012
The mark of a good business expo might be hard for some people to find.  While many people might think it is all about the glitz of the show floor, others believe the proof is in the heavy swag back they tote home with them.  Here are some trade and true ways to evaluate the next trade show you attend.

#1 Did they exhibit booths have personality?

If you walk away from a trade show thinking, "wow, that looked good" then you were just at a great show.  When a convention exhibitor invests the time to design an interesting and captivating display, it shows you that this is an important show.  The best way to tell if you are going to be impressed with an expo is if the vendors take the time to present themselves in a unique and memorable way.



#2 Were the exhibitors excited?

The people behind the booth are the barometer for how well a convention is doing.  A hall filled with smiling faces and the buzz of commerce means an A+ convention.  Keep in mind that this event is an expense for the businesses exhibiting and they want a successful show to ensure a good return on their investment.  Happy vendors means the show is going well.  If you can hear a pin drop or the people working at the exhibit booths appear bored, the prognosis of the show is poor.



#3 Did the show have amenities?

There are a few markers of a first class show, and having "extras" is at the top of the list.  Trade shows with quality convention services will likely offer additional features that a lower budget show may not be able to afford.  If you can spot a guest lounge, refreshment kiosk, guest services counter or upgraded theme decor in the convention space it is likely that you are at a high end show.  Many lower budget shows don't attract high big spenders and probably have a more simple display.  The shows that have their pick of exhibitors and expect a large crowd will often invest in more colorful drapery, upgraded guest conveniences and eye catching designs.



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