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Incorporating a Luxury Car Rental into Your Wedding

- Tuesday, October 13, 2015

At Total Events, we are always thinking of the “next big thing” to offer our clients to make their weddings unforgettable. We’ve partnered with Xcelerate Sports Car Rentals to provide our clients with a brand-new option to add some extra excitement to their events.

Out of ideas for what to do to make your wedding over-the-top? Try adding a luxury sports vehicle to the party!

Here’s some ideas to incorporate a high-end, luxury sports vehicle into your big day:

  • Photo Prop: Use the car in pictures! The results will be unique and memorable, and your wedding photographer will definitely be inspired by the new photo opportunities! 
  • Arrive in Style: Make an entrance by pulling up to your venue in a beautiful, convertible sports car. You can still hire a driver, or the bride or groom can drive! 
  • Bridal Party Gift: Looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Give them gift cards to experience the ride of their lives! 
  • Transport Guests: If you’re in charge of providing transportation for out-of-town guests, imagine the excitement they will feel when a luxury sports car shows up! 
  • Grand Exit: End the night on a high note and depart from your reception in a gorgeous sports car as your guests watch! 


For more information, check out Xcelerate Sports Car Rentals, or contact us today!