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It’s No Gamble - How to Use a Casino Night as a networking tool.

- Thursday, January 12, 2012
Attending a convention can sometimes be intimidating if you are going it alone and don’t know other people at the show.  Total Events can offer you the most exciting tool to remedy this common problem, a Casino Night!  You may now slap your forehead and mutter “Why didn’t I think of that?” several times.

A Total Events Casino Night is the ideal tool for networking functions.  There are no awkward silences or cliques of people hovering around the same cocktail table.  With a Casino Night the action is at the tables and people can make casual conversation as they (pause for reaction) enjoy themselves!  There is no better way to present yourself than organically, as you have a good time.  This scenario casts a great light on everyone, from the host of the party to the attendee who is hoping to expand their business contacts.

Perhaps you have done a “Vegas Night” before and want something new a different.  We have that too.  We can switch this theme in a dozen ways.  Total Events also offers a Wild West Gambling Saloon, Disco Gaming Lounge, Island gaming theme, or a Video Horse Racing party.  Creating a fantasy inside the networking space will encourage participants to come out of their shells and embrace the chance to meet new people in a stress free manner.  Total Events takes all of the guess-work out of booking your next event with our custom Casino packages tailored to events of all sizes!