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Keeping Your Vendors and Attendants Happy

- Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Guide to a Successful Trade Show

They’re referred to by many names; conventions, trade shows, expos but they all have the same goals and objectives in mind – to build relationships and expand business. In todays down economy, Total Events has heard many clients complain that their attendee numbers have declined and their vendors are dissatisfied. Total Events has the solution to help cure your turnout woes and create the wow factor on your show floor.

Tip #1: Update the look of the space
Especially for guests attending an annual conference, seeing the same design and color scheme year after year becomes mundane and easy to pass up. By designating an interesting theme with activities and décor to overhaul the appearance of the booths and the room you can spark some additional interest and help to encourage their presence again next year.

Tip #2: Plan fun activities for vendors and show goers to look forward to outside of the scheduled business events
This is particularly important for events that have guests coming from out of town. It doesn’t take much to throw together an exciting after hours mixer, a stimulating evening dinner or a relaxing lounge for guests to unwind in. Traveling today has become increasingly more stressful and may discourage some individuals from making a lengthy trek to an event. However, if you can build the reputation of an entertaining, dynamic and professionally lucrative business opportunity; the value of participating in the event will increase exponentially.

Tip #3: Keep you’re costs down, and pay it forward
Utilizing a full service special events company like Total Events will offer you increased flexibility and added cost savings. Packaging booths, vendor orders, Event décor, after party rentals, reception linens and centerpieces together from a single source will ensure that you get the most competitive pricing with the added bonus of one stop shopping. The additional benefit of passing cost savings down to your exhibitors will ensure that everyone walks away with a smile on their face.

Total Events professional services are available to you throughout most of New York State as well as in many parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. While the average convention sets up inside a convention center or hotel ballroom, we also offer you the ability to build your event outside in one of our spacious tents. Designing an expo inside a tent at the location of your choosing is a great way to enjoy an uncommon venue, nice weather and offer yourself a refreshing change of pace!