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Even More Ways to Make Your Trade Show or Convention More Appealing to Vendors and Attendees

- Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It does not matter if your trade show or convention is hosted by the most famous group in the world, if it does not attract vendors to book space or attendees to visit the show, it will only cost you money. There are dozens of new conventions popping up around the state, which means you need to keep yours competitive and give vendors a reason to rent booth space.

Ideas for an Attractive Convention or Trade Show

Trade show planning in Albany, NY should start months, even a year in advance. You need time to plan out the details and then market your trade show equally to vendors and attendees, thus building up the excitement. If you feel your trade show is lacking in flair, try incorporating these ideas for next year’s event:

  • Use a Theme - Themes add a layer of excitement to a convention. It gives vendors a chance to be creative with their booths and it gets attendees excited. The theme should change annually and you should do your best to never repeat. There are plenty of applicable themes within a particular industry. For example, you could incorporate sport teams, beaches or cruises, casino nights and gambling, Hollywood and red carpet features, or even going green.
  • A Connection Area - Connection areas are lounging spaces for both vendors and attendees. It gives everyone a comfortable place to sit, open up communication and network. Vendors can take potential clients to the lounge area for a more relaxing conversation regarding their services or exhibitors can connect with fellow vendors for partnership opportunities.
  • Tech Center - These days, consumers do not leave their home without their technical devices; so it only makes sense to add a tech center to your event. Include a charging station, so that attendees have a place to sit down and charge their smartphones and tablets. You can even offer sponsorship opportunities for the charging stations so that vendors have additional ways to get their information out to attendees at the event.

Total Events offers convention services that can help take your average event to become and extraordinary success. From trade show décor and setup to creating visual displays and complying with fire codes, we are here to help with every little detail.

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