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Take Advantage of National Wedding Month (February)

- Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hire a Wedding Rental Company to Make Wedding Planning a Stress-Free Event

February is National Wedding Month, so while you might not be tying the knot in February, it is a great time to hire a wedding rental company and make your job of planning your special day a little easier. Wedding planning is never easy. From picking out the perfect invitations to managing your guest list, to dealing with the opinions of others, you have a lot on your plate. To help you get to your wedding day with as few hiccups and hassles as possible, you need to give yourself ample time to plan.

Ideally you need nine months to plan a wedding, but not everyone can operate in the ideal timeframe. Whether you have six months or only two months left to go, these essentials should be taken care of first.

Hire a Wedding Rental Company

Think of all of the stuff you need for your wedding — event tents, tables, chairs, altar, tableware, cake table — the list goes on. While you could get this stuff from multiple places (and pay far too much in the process), a wedding rental company can provide you with these same items for a single, affordable rental fee. Even better, you do not have to pick them up. You can have everything delivered right to your wedding location and setup for you. This will save you a few to-do steps in the process, not to forget the time and stress that you will be free from as well.

Remember These Essential Wedding Planning Steps

• Schedule a tasting with your caterer and cake decorator. A dish or cake flavor could sound great on a menu, but the taste might not be what you expect. Avoid surprises by ordering a tasting first.

• Hire and confirm with vendors no more than two months out. Vendors like florists, photographers and DJs get booked out fast. Hire your vendors, place your security deposit and confirm the booking a couple of weeks before the event to make sure everything is ready to go. To avoid any glitches, create an event schedule and send copies to all of your vendors. That way they know when to arrive, setup or when they are expected to perform.

• Purchase bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. A lot of couples forget this essential step. It does not have to be expensive, but it should be sentimental enough to show your appreciation for all of the work your friends took on as they stepped into these critical roles. Total Events Management is the leading wedding rental company in the Upstate New York area. Request a price list today and get started planning your wedding.

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