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New Year's Eve Party Planning For Businesses

- Friday, December 06, 2013
Many New Year's Eve parties consist of family and friends gathering at a restaurant or catering hall, enjoying a few cocktails and dinner, dancing, and then gathering to join in the countdown. While such an event can be fun, New Year's theme parties can be much more entertaining and memorable. Some individuals plan a theme for their party. Many businesses are hosting their own New Year's Eve parties with elaborate themes and spectacular decorations.

However, New Year's party planning doesn't have to break the bank—businesses can throw together great New Year's theme parties on a small budget, and host an event that people will be talking about all through the new year!

New Year's Party Planning—Choosing a Theme

Here are a few theme ideas that will add a unique and festive twist to your party:

• The Black and White Ball—Ask your guests to wear black and white of course, and decorate in the same fashion. You might also consider making the ball a masquerade for an extra dose of mischievous fun. Either way, such a theme is elegant, and the New Year's party planning can be rather easy. (Other variations include all white, or all gold.)

• Mardi Gras—Mardi Gras New Year's theme parties are growing in popularity, and décor and decorations are not too hard to find. There should, of course, be beads aplenty for the guests to wear. This type of theme really allows your employees to forget that they are at a work event and truly enjoy the evening.

• Hollywood New Year's Theme Parties—Another popular choice, and lots of fun! You can roll out the red carpet, set up a photo booth, and add plenty of other items and decorations that make each person feel like they are a movie star at a premiere party!

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