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Parisian Theme Wedding Inspiration

- Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Parisian inspiration didn’t actually start with an event perspective, but an interior design obsession. In trying to fine tune the décor inside my house I started to try to put a modern spin on my vintage and rustic pieces. The more that I looked at modern Parisian style, the more is seemed to click that this was the perfect pairing of two very different genera.


The styling of a wedding is much like the décor inside of a home – it should be functional and reflective of the people who are there. Bringing the characteristic concepts of traditional French design into the 21st century means combining lavish gold arm chairs with flawless, acrylic Ghost chairs. Or, placing a collection of monochromic garden roses a top an edgy glass cylinder. Setting these styles together on a rustic, French Country wood dining table inside of a chiffon draped tent would provide the ultimate in modern Parisian event design.

No disrespect to the vintage and rustic themed events which have gained immense popularity over the past several years, but I need something fresh to work with. The bones of these events are still excellent, but it is high time we added a new element to change the concept into something unique. What I love about Parisian style is that is pairs colors and textures in a way that we don’t typically see in American décor. The modern Parisian style has such a light, crisp air to it while still retaining its old world opulence. Gilded moldings are set off with bright, funky accessories, traditional 18th century furniture, contemporary floral arrangements and a unique wall color – creating the perfect blend of visual interest. Hard meets soft, new meets old, classic meets modern.


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