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Planning a Capital Region Summertime Wedding? Tips for Planning With a Short Timeframe!

- Wednesday, March 26, 2014
You have all the time you need to have a quiet, even a secret wedding, but you want a real, traditional wedding. Whether you have three months or just two weeks to plan, there is a way to pull off a classy wedding in a short timeframe. To make your wedding planning a little easier, enlist the help of your local wedding rental company as soon as possible.

Location First, Everything Else Second

When you have limited time, organization is key. The first step in planning — regardless of timeframe — is picking a location. Prime venues are likely to be booked fast, but that does not mean you will be out of options. Call around, check out non-traditional wedding venues or even consider local restaurants. Think outside of the box too. The Capital Region has great weather in the summer, so do not exclude the idea of an outdoor wedding.

Work With a Wedding Rental Company

Once the location is set, you need to contact a wedding rental company right away. Wedding rentals like tents, chairs and tables, can book fast. If your wedding is outdoors, it is especially important to secure a wedding tent as soon as you have picked your location — after all, you do not want your guests and the food sitting outside exposed to the elements.

Find the Perfect Dress

You might be tempted to pick a dress first, but your location ultimately determines the style of wedding you are having. Once you have your location set, work on the dress. Since most specialty stores need at least six months, you will need to buy off the rack or go to a big box wedding dress store instead.

Make the Invitations

Invitations should be sent out at least six weeks in advance. If you are on a tighter timeframe, give your guests at least two weeks’ notice. But, be realistic on how many people are likely to attend — those from out of town might not be able to attend on short notice.

Wedding planning, even on a short timeframe, is not impossible. With the right help, you can enjoy a classy wedding in just a few short weeks. Total Events Management is the leading wedding rental company in Upstate New York. See our range of wedding services online today.

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