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Planning a Successful After-the-Holidays Party

- Friday, November 29, 2013
As the holiday season arrives each year, people look forward to all of the holiday parties they may be attending. After a while though, they can almost seem to become a burden because there can just be so many of them. We like to call it ‘Holiday-Party-Burnout’. If you ask corporate event service providers/planners, however, you will hear that those who actually plan the holiday parties are not that excited either. Sometimes, party planners find that it’s hard to satisfy everyone, much less compete with all the other holiday parties that might have more oomph than yours.

Why is that?

Planning a holiday party is stressful, and there is always the issue of your invited guests not being able to attend due to other parties or family obligations. Not to mention, party rentals during the holiday season can be in short supply (Think of all the competition this time of year).

Don’t worry, we can solve this problem for you!

After-holiday parties are becoming increasingly popular—people are more available to attend, and party rental items can be easier to secure.

Tips For Planning An After-Holidays Party

Planning the theme—instead of going with the traditional festive decorations, which everyone may actually be tired of once the holidays have ended, choose a different theme. Because the holidays are over, you can plan any sort of party you want. Why not a Casino-themed Party!?

Fun decorations—along with the above idea, you aren't bound to use traditional holiday decorations anymore for your party. Your choice of decorations is just that – your choice!

Include others in the planning—Because you aren’t bound to a traditional holiday party, you are free to ask your coworkers their opinions on what type of party they would want. Make it an office contest for the best party theme idea! This is a great way to ensure that your party will be a success and when people feel like part of the decision process, they are more willing to attend the party and let go of that ‘holiday-party-burnout’. Win, win!

For more information on planning after-holiday parties, contact an expert at a corporate event services company. The professional staff at Total Events can help you plan your party, and we also offer a large inventory of party rentals to elevate your party to the next level!

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