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Planning the Ideal Bar or Bat Mitzvah

- Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Planning for a bar or bat mitzvah is exciting, because it is not only a big milestone for the child, but an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary that they will never forget. When organizing your child’s religious initiation ceremony, plan ahead and get expert help to ensure the event is a success.

Ideas for Your Bar or Bat Mitzvahs in Saratoga

This is a type of party that can benefit hugely from the use of a theme. The theme, naturally, should be representative of something the child enjoys. By adding a theme, it can help guide your decorations, menu plan and create more excitement for attendees. To ensure you pull off the best themed party possible, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pick a Theme that Suits the Occasion and the Child - The theme can be something the child is keenly interested in. For example, the child plays basketball, so his bar mitzvah could focus on the sport itself or being an MVP. For a girl that loves to read, focus on one of her favorite books or series of books to create a fun theme like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. TV shows, musicals, or even a theme around a child’s favorite band can be a lot of fun too.
  • Pick Decorations to Suit the Theme - Once you have a theme established, you need décor that reiterates that theme. For Harry Potter, create a venue that looks like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For a sports theme, make the venue look like a sports arena. Better yet, rent a school’s sporting center for the event!
  • The Menu Must Match Too - What good is a theme if the food does not fit right in? Every theme has an opportunity for a matching menu, such as butter beer drinks for Harry Potter or corn dogs for a carnival theme and nachos and hot dogs for sport themes.
  • Activities and Games - Naturally you will have dancing, the Hora, and a candle lighting ceremony; but after that you can also play games and activities that match your theme. For an American Idol theme, you could use karaoke, for sports you could play guess the team or even do broom races for Harry Potter.

Total Events can help with your bat or bar mitzvahs in Albany, Saratoga and surrounding areas of NY. We offer themed décor, rentals and special lighting to make your event truly memorable.

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