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Planning your 2013 Wedding

- Monday, October 15, 2012
It's never too early to dive into the details of your big day

We have quite a few 2013 weddings already on the books, which reminds us that it is never too early to start settling on the details of your big day. While some people are from the school of thought that you have months to "figure it out" the reality is that hundreds of other brides are probably looking at your preferred colors, venue, photographer, chairs and more for the exact same day. Booking in advance will save you the headache, heartache and sticker shock of rounding up your selections at the last minute.

In our opinion, once you have your venue booked, settle on the rest of the details of the reception as soon as possible. While the location is fresh in your mind, decide what colors, style and items you would want in the space. Once you decide, put it in writing! There is a limited supply of everything, so booking your choices early will only help you in the end. We talk to disappointed brides everyday who can't find the chair they want or their tent size isn't available. Especially if you are looking for a specialty item like a White dance floor or lounge furniture it's a good idea to get out ahead of the pack.

Brides generally book their rentals 6-12 months in advance of their date. In order to officially be ahead of the game, you would be making your calls 12+ months before your weddings. That may sound early to you, but in actuality, it's really not. May, June, September and October have become the most popular months for wedding rentals in recent years. Generally, weekends are shut down at least a month in advance for these prime dates. July, August and December are close seconds for the Event industry and should probably have the same early booking disclaimer. While some brides hesitate to book early because their guest county may change, it's nothing to worry about. We expect your county to fluctuate and ask for your final numbers a week before your event date. A good rule is to book early with your worst case scenario and begin to cut the numbers down as you get closer to the date.

There are a lot of bonus features of early booking for your wedding date. The best is that you know your expenses and can have a clear plan on how to spread them out and make payments over time. Another fantastic reason to book early is that you can concentrate on dress fittings, seating arrangements and other month/week of details without overwhelming yourself. You can relax knowing that you have everything on your to do list checked off, paid for and confirmed so that the month before your wedding is smooth sailing!