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Popular & Exciting Wedding Trends Worth Your Time & Effort

- Monday, December 22, 2014


Ice sculptures and photo booths are still mainstays for wedding receptions, but there are new ideas many couples are opting for because, well, they’re cool and different. Not to say there’s anything wrong with traditional, but sometimes we get requests for some really unique wedding ideas. And today, there are some really good ones out there.

Some of the Top Trends in Today’s Weddings:

    Dancing on a cloud. For the first dance, the couple waltzes across the floor on a blanket of fog made by dry ice or a fog machine. The effect? It’s like being on Cloud Nine.

    Cake pops. Who can resist cake on a stick? They’re the next best thing since Tootsie Pops.

    Unplugged weddings. Set out baskets to collect cell phones before the ceremony, to ensure your guests are watching and participating, not texting and posting.

    Family-style food. Rather than being served a single plate, guests share platters of entrees, so that they have more opportunities to interact. Pass the potatoes, anyone?

    Comfort foods. From mac and cheese appetizers to sliders and fries to cider donuts on the dessert table, everyone’s old-fashioned favorites are making appearances at today’s receptions.

    Donations in lieu of favors. Help improve the world with a gift to a favorite charity, made on behalf of your guests.

    Lightscaping. Not only is lighting essential in making your wedding venue look amazing, it also illuminates all of the decor that you spent countless hours (and money) planning. With lightscaping from Total Events, different patterns can transform the look of your venue and give it texture. It will bring life to the walls and add a dimension to your setting that’s unique and dramatic.

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