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Practical or Fantastical

- Thursday, June 11, 2015


A majority of girl’s dream of their wedding envisioning it as the best day of their life.Some may view a much more upscale affair than others, in the end a bride’s budget can be the deciding factor. For many, they dream of a Tiffany ring and a designer wedding dress combined with a breathtaking venue and ceremony and are brought back to reality when they see the cost.


Finding your style may be hard at first due to the number of choices available for brides.For many, a budget brings things into perspective. Having a practical wedding may be easy on your budget or it just may be your style.Many brides today are choosing a low key setting for their celebration, focusing more on having a good time over “wowing” their guests.The past couple of years have seen an increase in barn and rustic weddings, simplifying yet romanticizing. It has become all about what works for you.Do It Yourself (DIY) decorations have proven to be the crafty way to personalize your day.Choosing a venue where you may not need a plethora of decorations such as a rustic old barn or an outdoor setting gives brides a way to make their weddings unique.With the popularity of vintage weddings, wearing moms dress can also be a practical and unique way to individualize your wedding style.Although for many, moms dress may be a little out of style but having alterations done can still be a cheaper alternative than purchasing a new gown.Maybe wedding ceremonies just aren’t your style, eloping could prove to be the best thing for you.You may not like all the attention and fuss that goes into planning a wedding so eloping may be a better fit. Being practical by no means is skimping out on your big day, it comes down to doing what is best for you, your fiancée and your families.


Traditional or upscale might be more your style if you’ve been dreaming of that big, romantic cathedral and its stained glass or that classy black tie affair with Cinderella’s ball gown. If you also love grand gestures, good taste and glamour than fantastical is your style.Glitz and glam can be expensive but who’s to say champagne taste can’t be done on a budget?If you’re choosing to be fantastical make sure every aspect of your wedding fits in with your theme. This doesn’t mean getting top of the line everything, but making sure all decorations, dresses, flowers and accents are consistent.Venues like ballrooms or club houses make for great upscale receptions which can be decorated to your liking. Make it personal, choose decorations that are going to show your style and personality or really bring out the theme of your wedding.

Start by having your invitations reflect your theme or the style of the wedding, this way guests will know what attire to wear. Centerpieces and colors can also play a big role in creating your ideal wedding style.Sometimes simple is more when it comes to decorating. Larger but less intricate centerpieces with a few bold colors can really stand out.Rich fabrics on tablecloth overlays can also add an elegant touch.Keep in mind that if your dream is a black tie wedding it will most likely be an evening event with a sit down dinner.

Whether your style is practical or fantastical, make your wedding your own.