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Renting a Dance Floor: Not the Same Song and Dance!

- Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Who made up the rule that you have to use the dance floor at your wedding reception venue? Did you know that you have a choice when it comes to dance floors? Some brides and grooms can easily overlook the dance floor detail, but you can choose your dance floor style. More and more, couples are choosing alternative dance floors for good reason!

Renting a Dance Floor: For a Venue or Tent

White dance floors are a way to accomplish the following:

  • White dance floors can give an air of formality
  • White dance floors can also be used for modern themes and decor
  • The colors of your decor can seem more vibrant and alive
  • Your lighting will create even more ambiance, making the dance floor pop
  • Elegance comes naturally from the white floor

Maybe you prefer to be on the dark side with an all-black dance floor. While certainly a unique option, the black dance floor shows class and drama. Depending on the style of the event, the elegance of an all-black dance floor can pop a metallic monogram quite beautifully.

The perfect blend to the two colors also exist in our beautiful Black and White flooring. We’ve seen in used a million different ways and in hundreds of different venues, this dance floor choice is always a show stopper!

For so many of our Upstate New York events, Wood Plank flooring is simply stunning. To compliment a rustic room’s décor while still providing a seamless and polished flooring choice, our Plank dance floor is the perfect option.