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Renting a Tent? Do Not Forget the AC for Your Summer Event

- Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer brings on the outdoor parties and weddings. With all of that sunshine comes the heat of New York summers (and the humidity that goes with that). To keep your guests cool and prevent anyone from getting heat stroke, consider renting an AC unit for your event.

Portable AC Units and Fans Are Available for Tent Weddings and Events

When you rent a tent for your event, inquire about a fan or air conditioning unit as well. While tents keep out the sun, they can still warm up, especially if the temperatures are climbing high outside. Keeping your guests and even your food cool ensures everyone sticks around to enjoy the party.

Additional Tips for Keeping Guests Cool

In addition to supplying an air conditioning unit, there are a few other things you may want to implement in your wedding or party arrangements to ensure guests stay cool.

  • Provide Small Fans - Small paper fans give your guests a way to cool off and can second as a party favor. They are tasteful enough for weddings, and creative enough for fundraisers.
  • Provide Ice Cold Beverages - Skip anything warm and stick to ice cold, refreshing beverages. Have plenty of chilled bottles of water, lemon slices and even freshly made lemonade to quench your guests’ thirst.
  • Keep Attire Casual - Instead of having your guests show up in full tuxedos, considering having the attire a little more casual; that way guests are not uncomfortable.
  • Stick to Cool Foods - Avoid heavy, hot meals in the summer. Instead, serve light, cool dishes such as pasta salads, regular garden salads, shrimp cocktails, etc. Just be sure that your caterer follows the proper food safety with these items because they can easily spoil if they are not kept on ice.

Order a fan or air conditioning unit for your outdoor parties. Total Events can supply you with not only a great tent, but the tables, chairs and air conditioners to keep your guests comfortable.

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