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Setting the Table Means Make it Memorable: Shine at Your Next Event

- Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No matter what the event, be it a wedding, a corporate event/function, a themed party, a birthday bash, chances are pretty good that people will look to a table as their ‘home base’. People will use the table as a place to eat a meal, but they’ll also use it as their spot at the party when they need some down time.

Needless to say, more often than not, your guests will spend a lot of time at the table. Making sure it is set just right, decorated in a manner to match the theme, and not only functional, but full of expressive form – the table is where you can make or break an event in terms of comfort, function, and memorability.

Over the years we’ve helped brides and corporate managers wow their guests with the number of choices and various combinations of styles that can make an ordinary event, spectacular. We do, still, have to be mindful of the basics that go into setting a great table.

The Table Itself

Depending on the type of event your having, a smallish dinner service may call for only a couple of rectangular tables. Whereas a large gathering such as a wedding might really benefit from round tables organized strategically within the venue for optimum comfort and visibility. We can help you decide what works best for your particular event, but we’ll also be able to suggest tableware and table linens that work best based on shape and sheer numbers.

The Linens

Runners, chair covers, napkin choices, tablecloths – your choice of linens and other table decorations might just go down as the first true impression people get from your event. From rustic to traditional and beyond, your linens and choices can help make or break the event. We’ll certainly help you through the decision process based on your well-thought-out theme.


Based on the type of event your having, the overall décor in the venue (whether indoors, outdoors, in a tent, etc., and the overall theme, the dishware choices need to make sense accordingly. You’ll also have to factor in the type of food, the number of courses, and design aesthetic that the plan dictates.


Going hand in hand with China, your flatware has to take into account the feeling being evoked by your décor, the types of food being served (and number of courses), and of course, personal taste.


Being a prominent focal point, your centerpieces can be anything from flowers to candles, to pine cones, to balloons.

In order to set the mood as you wish it to be, we here at Total Events Management can walk you through the many options (including all of our rental options) that are available to you during your decision process.