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Should Your Wedding Be an Outdoor or Indoor Event? Expert Advice from a Wedding Rental Company

- Wednesday, February 19, 2014
There is no greater debate in wedding planning than picking indoor versus outdoor for the event. You know that the first and most important step in planning your wedding is picking a venue. But before you sign on the dotted line, you will need to compare the pros and cons of both. A professional wedding rental company can help you make the perfect wedding out of any venue you choose; therefore, it is up to you and how you picture your special day, to determine if indoor or outdoor is best for your wedding.

Consider these pros and cons to help you make your final wedding planning decision:

• The Wedding Ambiance — Are you more inclined to opt for a casual, relaxed type of wedding? If so, an outdoor wedding might be a better option. Outdoor weddings are family-friendly (the kids can run free without disrupting the wedding), and everyone can enjoy the tranquil ambiance that the outdoors naturally provides. That tranquility comes with a price, however, because you may have the weather and bugs to think about and plan for. If you want a fancy wedding where everyone will be concerned about attire and make up being affected by weather, it may be easier to just take the wedding indoors. The last thing you need is sand in your heels or dirt on the train of your wedding dress!

• Are You a Control Freak?
— Every bride wants that perfect wedding, which is why wedding planning is so stressful. If the idea of having things out of your control makes you anxious, an indoor wedding could be a better option. Indoor weddings are in controlled environments — no rain, snow or wind to ruin your wedding. Guests are comfortable and your event can go on without any disruption due to Mother Nature. But you will have to plan for the limitations placed by your venue indoors too. For instance, will the little ones get restless inside? Is there a way to keep them entertained? Do you need extra resources to take care of that?

• Consider the Decor — A wedding rental company can help furnish the décor and rental items you need for indoor or outdoor events, but what you need to rent changes between indoor and outdoor. Outdoor weddings do not require as much decoration — instead, nature becomes your natural backdrop. You will, however, need more supplies, such as tents and covers to keep guests and food safe from the elements. Indoor weddings also need the essential supplies including tables, chairs, tableware and decoration items to transform the space and live up to your wedding theme.

For more help weighing the pros and cons of indoor versus outdoor venues, contact the experts at a wedding rental company. At Total Events Management, we are the leading wedding rental company in the Upstate New York area. Request a price list today and get started with wedding planning now.

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