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The Basics - The Key’s to Convention Success

- Friday, July 13, 2012

Whether you are just starting to exhibit or you are a trade show veteran, understanding the basics is crucial to your success.  Let Total Events walk you the basics if you are a trade show novice or provide a few tips to veteran exhibitors to make planning for your trade show events an easier venture.


What is your booth exactly?

A general booth space is typically an 8'X10' Pipe and Draped structure with a skirted table, (2) chairs, wastebasket and Vendor Identification sign.  Depending on your venue, you may have items such as: carpet, electrical drops or internet. Make sure you are aware of what any “extras” are and use them to your advantage when you are able! These items can help shave off hundreds of extra dollars from your trade show costs, and the best part is you are already paying for them!


Where are you going?

Are you facing an aisle?  Is there a column in your booth?  Are you next door to a direct competitor?  Ask questions!  Waiting until a month before the show to ask to be moved can be tricky business as many materials for shows (like show books and exhibitor maps) are already in production.  Making changes too late in the game can mean you miss out on potential clients, solely because they didn’t know where to find you!  Knowing details about your booth can help you and your exhibit house determine the best way to take advantage of your space AND your trade show assets like hanging rings, video monitors and table/seating placement.


Who is you Show Decorator?

After you have secured your trade show display space, one of your first steps is to contact the Show Management and determine who the show decorator is.  The Show Coordinator typically books business like Total Events as a first step in their event process.  The decorator is the company that provides services such as:  carpet, A/V, material handling, etc.  Knowing who your decorator is will help you troubleshoot any issues you may have in the planning of your event.


Have you filled out your Exhibitor Kit?

Once you have determined who your decorator is you will want to request a Show/Exhibitor Kit.  Show kits are invaluable assets on virtually everything to do with your show.  The Exhibitor packet is a summary of all the essential show information on one page:  discount deadlines, shipping dates, move in and out dates, show hall hours, etc. Keep this document handy!  This document will help keep you organized at a glance.  This single document has a majority of the information needed to help keep you on budget and on schedule.  Make sure to double check all deadlines listed on forms.


Gathering the information and items above early in your trade show planning process will help ensure the long term success of your event. Knowing this information will help lower costs, reduce frustration, and keep you organized.  If you have questions about an upcoming trade show or convention, contact the experts at Total Events, the leader is Upstate Expo services!  Visit our website at