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The Secrets Behind Successful Meetings & Trade Shows

- Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I suppose it’s a bit misleading to call any of these secrets, but they are certainly tips that should be heavily regarded the next time you are put to the task of organizing a trade show or meeting. Total Events has been lucky enough to work with some pretty forward thinking companies and in doing so, we have created some spectacular events. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Spectacular doesn’t always mean complicated, but it does mean enlisting the right people to help you in your journey.

#1: The biggest secret is that you need to sell FUN. Everyone wants to have a good time, even if this is all business. You can throw in as many buzz words as you want to convey sales, networking and professional gains but if at the end of the day your primary audience is going to be bored to tears you have already lost them.

#2: Fun isn’t complicated. It doesn’t mean razzle dazzle and trapeze artists floating from the ceiling (although I admit that would be supremely entertaining), but it does mean that you offering to appeal to more than just their business needs. Show your guests that you want to take care of them WHILE they are conducting their business. Need an example? Instead of another boring dinner you host a chef competition. This would satisfy the same need to feed everyone but instead you are doing it in an interactive way that today’s culture is totally into. These simple tweaks can make all the difference.

#3: Everyone likes a change of pace. You would be amazed how attitudes can change when you change the atmosphere around them. We see it time and time again in the corporate world. When we show up to decorate for an event, we watch show goers or meeting attendees head back to their rooms after a long day and they look like they could just fall asleep. When they return to “just another boring dinner” and find that it’s now a pirate themed event complete with full scale décor, traditional Caribbean food, authentic signature drinks and some lively entertainment they are transformed, rejuvenated instantly! You will see people open up, enjoy themselves and begin to take away from your event more than business cards and numbers.

The bottom line is that showing your audience that you care about their experience translates into life long success. We all want to feel taken care of, and Total Events would love the opportunity to work with you on achieving those goals. Our large selection of theme décor, linens, lighting, drapery and know how can virtually transform any space for you. We are only limited by our imagination!