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The Sweet Resurgence

- Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet 16’s are back in action and bigger than ever!

The popular show “My Super Sweet Sixteen” showcases the economic anomaly that is the uber wealthy family throwing a party of epic proportions for their adolescent offspring. To refer to these events as a party is on par with referring to a diamond as a rock; it is just so much more than that. Professional stylists, celebrity performers, guest counts in the hundreds and in most cases, a new sports car to drive home are some of the many highlights to these affairs. Here in the Capital Region of New York, we are seeing the Sweet 16 industry begin to blossom as a fresh event perspective without all the hype shown on TV.

Just last weekend, Total Events had the pleasure of working on two very special Sweet 16’s. The first event was Las Vegas themed, complete with casino tables and the glitz of the strip. The second event transported guests back to the days of disco balls, bell bottoms and light-up dance floors. What we’re seeing is the dawn of a new era of party people, kids. Some of the most detail oriented events we have worked on involve 1st birthdays, Sweet 16’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Proms and Graduations. It stands to reason that as these youngsters grow up; their expectations for their wedding will be exceptionally more grandiose than the previous generation. Picking from package A, B or C is beginning to seem about as old school as having your milk delivered to your front door each morning.

Down economy or not, parents are still shelling out the money for over the top events. Unlike a wedding, these bashes are always paid for by the family. Celebrating our children’s achievements and special occasions has become a top priority and keeping up with the Jones’ is harder and harder to do. What is perhaps the best part is that the details and importance of the event are there without a lot of the pressure and jitters of the client, you typically see at a wedding. Emotions are of pure, unadulterated excitement without the cold feet and runaway bride scenarios everyone in the industry cringes at the idea of.

The typical Sweet 16 includes a party planner and professional photographer, caterer, hair & make-up, décor and entertainment. The goal is always the same; make your friends jealous while appearing effortlessly nonchalant about the details. With event professionals working to diversify their client base, venue’s trying to fill their space each weekend and everyone looking to expand the market, it seems that the Sweet 16’s trend has matured at just the right time.

Photos Courtesy of Tiffany Wayne Photography