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Tips for Planning an Event and Staying Within Budget

- Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Most event hosts do not have the luxury of a flexible budget. In fact, most events are centered on an fairly strict budget. Planning an event with a set cost in mind is not easy. Most hosts will find themselves sacrificing much needed décor or essentials just to keep within their budget.

If you are trying to pull off a cost-effective event, use a few professional tips to create the event of the year without going into the red.

How to Plan a Cost-Effective Event

You do not need millions to host a great event. By implementing a few of these money-saving tips, you can plan a million-dollar look-alike with much less.

  • Book During the Off Season - Even if your event is during the busy season, do your best to book party rentals and vendors during the off-season. During this time, you will find that vendors are flexible with their pricing and may even offer discounts for renting early. Avoid booking a month or even a few weeks before the event. Not only do you run the risk of the company being booked out, but you may be paying higher fees.
  • Avoid Third Party Vendors - Third party vendors offer the convenience of one-stop shopping, but you pay a fee for that. Instead, avoid the middle man and book straight through the source. By doing so, you can avoid commissions and finder’s fees.
  • Skip the Gift Bag - Most event hosts assume that they are required to give something away to event guests. There is no rule stating hosts have to give out lavish gift bags. If you are on a tight budget, cut the going away gift or give out something budget-friendly—like small bags of candy, a tealight holder or a box of mints.
  • Skip the Open Bar, Too - Open bars are where most events lose their money. Instead of having an open bar, offer a signature cocktail at the bar. This will bring down the cost of alcohol when the company supplying it only has to give you a few bottles. Also, see if the venue will let you bring in your own liquor, so you do not have to pay higher costs at the venue.

There are plenty of ways to organize a cost-effective event. Total Events can help you with your event and keep within budget using our range of services. From tents to theme parties and more, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors and their associated fees.

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