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Tent Rental Company Tips: How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

- Monday, March 24, 2014

An outdoor event can set the tone for your special occasion and help you accommodate a higher guest count than some traditional venues. But, you cannot just let your guests, food and entertainment sit outside exposed to the elements.

A tent helps enclose your event, protect against unpredictable weather changes, and creates a venue just about anywhere you choose. Before you contact a tent rental company to reserve one, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of tent rentals.

Types of Tents

Today’s tents offer more than four legs and a tarp. In fact, tents come with walls, floors and even doors. Tent rental companies usually offer three main types of tents:

• Framed Tents - Features a framework of horizontal poles, draping to cover any exposed poles, and no interior poles. Ideal for tight areas because these do not require excessive clearance to set up.

• Bale Ring or Push Pole Tents - Features a framework consisting of quarter, perimeter, and center poles. These tents are staked into the ground for stability; therefore, they require more clearance to set up and are not suitable for tight spaces.

• Tension or Genesis Tents - Features less interior poles than bale ring models, have a higher center pole, and are more open in the interior. These are staked as well, which means they need more clearance.

Picking Your Floor

Once you pick the framework, you can pick your flooring. Floors are installed on top of a variety of surfaces — from over a swimming pool to covering dirt to being constructed on top of a tennis court. The four most common types of flooring include:

• Wood - Versatile and can be placed on top of any surface. Made from a plywood subfloor and covered with turf or carpet.

• Plastic - Versatile like wood and are left as-is or covered with carpet.

• Artificial Turf - Available in multiple colors, but cannot protect the interior of the tent from mud or water like plastic and wood; therefore, the ground may be soft underneath.

• Dance Floor - Used only on a level surface and installed over the ground. To keep grass and dirt out of the wood, a tarp is placed between the floor and ground.

Walls, Décor and Accessories Available By Request From Your Albany Tent Rental Company

Wall heights can range from seven to 10 feet and help protect your guests from the elements. You can choose from clear plastic to windowed and cathedral-styled walls to white walls for maximum privacy. Our services offer additional décor that can help transform your tent into a fully functioning venue. Some items you can add include ceiling and sidewall liners, swaging or draping to cover poles, and lighting. Entryways and doorways can also be constructed for a more elegant/functional entrance.

To keep guests in the event zone, a portable restroom can also be added. During the cold winter months or hot summer months you may want to add climate control. For more help picking the perfect tent for your event, contact Total Events Management. We are a leading tent rental company in the Upstate New York area. Contact us to learn more about our tent rentals today.

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